August 2018 – Cynthia Pierre

“Cynthia is very coachable, always has a great at

July 2018 – Frank Johnson

“Frank is very consistent and always gives 100% i

June 2018 – Brian Germain

“Brian’s one of the hardest workers at 312.

May 2018 – Cory Bazany

“Cory is positive, positive, positive! I don̵

April 2018 – Nicole Rattigan

“Nicole is very consistent and just participated

March 2018 – Dave Emmel

“Dave always comes to class with a great attitude

February 2018 – Dave Young

Nickname: Dave-o, Dave, DY Age:  31 Occupation: System

January 2018 – Marissa Casorio

“Marissa is dedicated, always tries to improve , and