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Coach’s Spotlight: Jenny Spencer

Name: Jenny Spencer

Full-time Occupation: National Sales Manager at RXBAR

Favorite CrossFit movement: Anywhere I can cycle a barbell

Favorite Workout Song: The Mack (Nevada/Mark Morrison or the original Mark Morrison)

Favorite Hero/Benchmark WOD: Grace or DT

Favorite Food: Shrimp

What inspired you to become a CrossFit coach? I was a Zumba/Kickboxing instructor for 7 years before I moved to Chicago. I found CrossFit when I moved here and it had a tremendous impact on my personal life. I had wanted to find somewhere or something to teach again and traded my hip shaking for the barbell by getting my L-1 (and this year my L-2).

What has been your best coaching experience so far? It is not just one, it’s more like multiple each time I coach. It is incredibly rewarding to watch a movement ‘click’ for someone or help someone refine their technique to be able to lift safer and lift more.

If you could give someone new to CrossFit just one piece of advice, what would it be? Stick with it and embrace your failures – you are not going to be great day 1 (unless you are like 22…damn you young people). The beauty of this sport is that it humbles you and it motivates you to be the best version of YOU.

Would you share with us your favorite tip or cue that we might find useful to use in our training? Lock in (or activate) your lats and do accessory work to make them stronger. They are the foundation for a ton of movements.

If “***” was a WOD, what would it be? 2 rounds: 1000m row, 20 S2OH (115/85)

What movement challenges you most and what are you doing to improve? Gymnastics and Oly lifts. I am trying to correct years of bad foundations, so trying to do a lot of light oly technique work. Gymnastics, well, I have to force myself to practice but see tip above about strengthening your lats.

Who is someone you aspire to be most like? Probably my mom in some aspects. A strong, kind, career-driven woman. I want to make a positive impact on people’s lives no matter how small the interaction.

2018 CrossFit Games Open at CF 312

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is coming soon, so we wanted to take a moment to share all the information you will need for participating.

This blog post is really long (sorry!) but it will give you all the info you need so please read it carefully. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open begins Thursday, Feb. 22. Anyone can sign up to compete in five workouts over five weeks and post their scores online. You can learn more about the Games here.

There’s still time to register for the 2018 CrossFit Open. You must register before you submit your first score before February 26.


Once you register, make sure to join the CrossFit 312 Affiliate AND Team.

Each week the CF 312 Open will follow a similar format:

CrossFit Headquarters will announce each week’s workout via a live video feed at 7 p.m CT. We will be hosting a face-off event each Thursday between two CF 312 athletes (see more info below). Followed by one heat for all those interested in completing the workout on Thursday night.

The 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. classes will be divided into heats for attempts at the open workouts. Athletes should arrive with enough time before their heat time to warm up. There will be a recommend warm-up posted and coaches on hand to answer any questions. Heats will start promptly at their posted times after a briefing on movement standards and time to set up work area before you begin your workout. Athletes should be prepared to help score for other athletes.

Athletes must pre-register for a heat in Zen Planner to participate in Saturday classes. Athletes who do not register for class will be filtered into heats based on availability. Athletes who chose not to sign up for the Open but want to do the workout must also pre-register for a heat to participate.

NEW THIS YEAR! – Thursday Night Face-offs @ CF 312

This year, we are excited to announce a new and fun way to complete your Open workout and go head-to-head with a fellow 312 athlete! During the five weeks of the CrossFit Open, we will be hosting a head-to-head match-up of two athletes on Thursday evenings immediately following the announcement of the workout by Dave Castro.

Learn more and sign up!

In order to accommodate the Open schedule, Saturday Strength Class will be cancelled from February 24 through March 24. We will post strength programming on the Sunday blog to complete during open gym.

Saturday Strength Class will resume its normal schedule when the Open concludes.

If you are unable to attend on Thursday evening or Saturday, athletes (who are registered for the Open) will be allowed to complete the workout on their own during open gym on Thursdays and Sundays or during normal class time on Friday (any class) or Monday (any class, however, you must finish the workout before 6 p.m. because of space restrictions.)

If you want to make up a workout on Friday or Monday, athletes must sign up for a class in Zen Planner, warm up with the class before attempting workout. They must also secure a judge to score them. If you plan to do this, please notify the coach on duty at the beginning of class.

Athletes who do not have a judge and do not make it to regular class times will not be allowed to complete workout.

Alumni and athletes from other CrossFit gyms are more than welcome to complete open workouts at CF 312. This will be a community event and no drop in fee will be charged. We also encourage you to bring friends and family to cheer you on!

Please contact if you plan on dropping in for an open workout to register a drop-in participant for a heat.

The 2018 CrossFit Open will conclude with a CF 312 Party at West End Bar on Saturday, March 24 starting at 2 p.m. This party is open to friends and family of athletes.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions. Looking forward to a great open!

2018 CrossFit Open – Thursday Night Face-offs

This year, we are excited to announce a new and fun way to complete your Open workout and go head-to-head with a fellow 312 athlete!

During the five weeks of the CrossFit Open, we will be hosting a head-to-head matchup of two athletes on Thursday evenings immediately following the announcement of the workout by Dave Castro.


Interested 312 athletes signed up for the Open. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Because of limited time and space, we may have to limit the number of sign ups in order to showcase only 1 or 2 matchups each Thursday.

Everyone is welcome to attend to cheer our athletes on!


Every Thursday evening during the Open.

After the workout announcement is made at 7:00 p.m. central time, athletes will have the opportunity to watch the pros do the workout via live stream, then two CF 312 athletes will do the workout at the gym in a head-to-head competition.

After the head-to-head competition, we will hold one additional heat for all athletes who would like to complete the workout on Thursday evenings, but aren’t participating in the head-to-head competition.


No prizes here! This is for fun, pride, entertainment, and motivation.

Interested in participating?

Email Lindsay ( with:

  • Your name
  • The person you would like to compete against (if you have an opponent) – if you don’t, we will do our best to match you up with someone in the same division
  • Your CF open division (masters, RX, scaled) – you and your opponent can be in different divisions
  • Your availability for all Thursday evenings during the open
    • February 22
    • March 1
    • March 8
    • March 15
    • March 22

You can also reach out with any questions!

Sign Up Deadline:
February 15. You will receive your assigned workout date by February 17.

Kettlebell Kitchen now at CF 312!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen – a performance food brand. Meals crafted by classically trained chefs, Kettlebell Kitchen is an easy & convenient way to clean up nutrition, recover faster, work harder, and have fresh meals delivered right to CF 312.

Visit to order and use code KBK50 for 50% off your first order!

Coach’s Spotlight: Dante DeTillio

Favorite CrossFit movement:

Favorite Workout Song:
Lose yourself – Eminem… SORRY, thought you said least favorite. Probably something from Rise Against.

Favorite Hero/Benchmark WOD:

Favorite Food:
Such a hard choice! Tacos?

What inspired you to become a CrossFit coach? 
Wanting to share my passion with the others.

What has been your best coaching experience so far? 
I really enjoy coaching 101/skills classes. Helping new (and experienced!) CrossFitters refine their movements is extremely rewarding.

If you could give someone new to CrossFit just one piece of advice, what would it be?
I think one hurdle that is a struggle for most people starting CrossFit is mobility (it certainly was for me!). Take 10-15 minutes each day to focus on mobility and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Would you share with us your favorite tip or cue that we might find useful to use in our training?
To quote the late, great Chubbs, “It’s all in the hips”

If “YOUR NAME” was a WOD, what would it be? 
For time EMOM:
(7/5) Air Assault Calories

In remaining time:
Odd minutes: Overhead Squat (95/65)
Even minutes: Bar muscle ups
*Workout is done when 40 Overhead squats and 20 bar muscle-ups are completed

What movement challenges you most and what are you doing to improve?
Being a tall and lanky dude, handstand pushups are the bane of my existence. I’m currently not doing enough to improve them but very soon plan to start an accessory regimen.

What CrossFit athlete do you aspire to be most like? 
Brent Fikowski for proving that being tall and lanky doesn’t stop you from being a high level CrossFit Athlete.

CF 312 Olympic Weightlifting Meet 2017

Plan to participate in the competition, want to volunteer to assist, or just want to cheer on your friends?




Saturday, October 21, 12 p.m. We expect the event to last 4-5 hours depending on the number of participants.

The Details:

Two Lifts:

  • Clean & Jerk – 1 clean, 1 jerk (no jerk reattempts if missed)
  • Snatch – one smooth motion ground to overhead
    • 3 attempts for each lift
    • After first attempt cannot decrease weight (only way to go is up!)
    • Even playing field. We will be using the Sinclair Coefficients (link to these) which will normalize the weight classes, making it a strength to body weight representation.
  • Judging Standards:
    • Lockout
    • Show control/Finish in frontal plane
    • Stay on platform/stay on your feet (more details to come)

The Fun Stuff:

Lifting shoes, singlets, grunting and general shows of spirit and bad ass-ery are recommended, but not required.
Prizes for top three finishers!

Grab your lifting buddy and get ready…training starts today!!

Questions? Contact us at

2017 CrossFit Games – order your tickets now!

As an official affiliate, CrossFit 312 has early access to purchase an unlimited number of Festival package tickets to the 2017 CrossFit Games.

A Festival Ticket is a four-day pass that allows access to all events and activities except the nightly Coliseum show. Festival Tickets are $99. If you only purchase a Festival Package, you will have all access to the masters and teenage competitions, as well as all outside events for the teams and individuals. The Alliant Energy Center campus will also have ample access to video boards where you can take in all the action and a 20,000-square-foot beer garden.

NOTE: If you would like to purchase Festival + Coliseum tickets, or Coliseum tickets alone, they will be available directly from the CrossFit Games website on Thursday, April 27. 

To place your order for tickets, fill out the spreadsheet linked below. Your credit card will be charged by CrossFit 312 when the tickets are purchased on April 26, 2017. All sales are final.



Festival Tickets: $99 per ticket (non-refundable)


April 25, 2017


Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin


August 3-6, 2017


In 2017, the CrossFit Games move to Madison, Wisconsin. This year’s event will be held at the Alliant Energy Center, Aug. 3-6. The Masters, Teenage, Individual and Team competitions will all take place within four days. A detailed schedule of the competition will be released at a later date.

During downtime in the competition, fans can take part in many activities. There will be more than 200,000 square feet of exhibitors and sponsors, a 20,000-square-foot beer garden, space for RV and tent camping, 20,000 square feet of spectator workout space, opportunities to try the same workouts as the athletes, live demonstrations from CrossFit Subject Matter Experts, concerts and more! The entire city of Madison will be geared up for the Games, with great dining, drinking and outdoor activities throughout the city.


Visit the CrossFit Games Website.

CF 312 Move Details

Our move is quickly approaching (less than 2 weeks away!) and we wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update on everything you need to know about the transition and the new space.

As always, thanks for your continued support and patience, we are so excited to share the new gym with you soon!

When will the move take place?

We anticipate moving the weekend of April 21 – 23, and will be fully functional in the new space on April 24. (and by ‘fully functional’ we mean there may be a couple small things related to the move that we need to finish up after April 24, but this won’t impact your workouts or class experience.)

Will CF 312 be closed during the move?

Yes, but only for one day! We planned the move at a time that will impact our regular classes as minimally as possible. With that said, we will be closed for one day (Sunday, April 23.) We appreciate your understanding!

When will classes start in the new space?

Classes will be held in the new location starting on Monday, April 24 at 6 a.m.

What is the new address?

1356 West Lake Street
Chicago, IL

(just 1.5 blocks west of our current location)

Where can I park?

There is ample street parking in the area on Ada, Fulton Market and Lake Street. In addition, we have 3 reserved parking spots behind the building (look for the CF 312 yellow parking signs) and we are working with local businesses to try to secure additional parking. We will keep you posted!

Please note: If you park in the McDonald’s parking lot or in a spot not reserved for CF 312 members, you run the risk of being ticketed and/or towed.

What are the closest public transportation stops?

We are conveniently located between the Morgan and the Ashland green/pink el train stations. And the Madison, Ashland and Grand buses all have stops within walking distance.

Has the class schedule changed?

No, It’s the same schedule and class offerings you love, just a different location.

But, because it can take a little extra time to get acclimated to a new location and travel route, please consider adding a few extra minutes to your commute in order to make sure you get to class on time.

Do I still need to reserve a space in Zen Planner before attending class?

YES! This is our shameless plug reminding you to register for class. 🙂 If you don’t register and the class is full, you may be asked by a coach to attend the next available class.

What is the new space like?

The new gym is 5,500 square feet, with new Rogue wall rigs and lifting platforms. We have a mobility/member area with a kitchen and a dedicated area for personal training sessions. We have two shower rooms available. As always, you will need to supply your own toiletries and towel.

If I have any other questions or comments, who can I talk to?

Email us at with any and all questions, comments and concerns!

Update on CF 312 Move

We wanted to take a moment to update you on the move to our new location at 1356 West Lake, which is just a few weeks away.

Our construction team has been hard at work building rigs, lifting platforms, new showers and member space.

We anticipate moving the weekend of April 21 – 23, and will be fully functional in the new space on April 24.

In order to minimize disruption, we plan to move some equipment and supplies that we don’t use daily in advance of our official move date. While it won’t impact your workouts, you may notice that the gym may look a little different and your access to supplemental equipment will be limited for a few weeks. We thank you in advance for your understanding!

Our hours during the move weekend will be as follows:

Friday, April 21 – normal class hours
Saturday, April 22 – normal class hours
Sunday, April 23 – closed
Monday, April 24 – open with normal class schedule at our new location!

As we get closer to our move date, we will share more information with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at

Thanks for being the best community around! We are so grateful for your support and we are excited to share the new space with you soon!