10 rounds for time:
12 box jumps, 24/20″
09 knees to elbows, kipping
06 ring pushups

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article: Accept the Suck


a. hang snatch:  max out, 10min (build-up till fail)
b. box squat: 3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80%, max @ 90%
c. complex: 1-1-1  (gto + 6m ohwalk + 3 ohs + 6m ohwalk)

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article: Mount Pious

lift heavy today.


REST DAY: Mobility / SkillWork / MakeUp

article: Sugar = Sugar = Sugar

today’s mobilityWOD


buddy workout for time:
a) 1600m run
b) 100 burpee pullups
c) 1000 double unders

*aggregate reps/milage with one person working at a time. 1600m run can be split up in either 160m or 400m. strategize via sets/reps. athletes must finish tasks in order before moving on to the next.

article: Is Your Manhood Questionable?

Bulls game prep. “I only know them by their animal names..” – Jessica


a. press: 5-5-3-3-1-1-1
b. tall split jerk:  100% x 1 x 3, 92% x 3 x 2
*base tsj% off previous successful press 1rm. finish each rep with controlled negative (eccentric) back to rack position.

3 rounds for time/splits:
10 killers + 25m sprint + 25m bear crawl + 15 wallball shots, 20/14lb

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article: Why Breakfast is King (and Why it is not)

good morning!


REST DAY: Mobility / Skill Work / Make-Up

article: Lifting Weights is Sexy

today’s mobilityWOD:


6 x 40m walking good mornings @ 20/10% of best squat, full recovery

*notes: slight lunge fwd, with lead knee < 70 degrees behind heel. focus on isometric stabilization of the lower back through the eccentric phase and pull through hip extension on concentric (fwd-stepping) portion. score will be in pass/fail format per effort. there is no aspect of time associated with individual efforts.

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article: How to Increase Your Will-Power

5:30 crew recuperating from the day’s training


box squat: 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+

4 rounds for total time:
50m broad jump + 15 consecutive pullups

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article: Weight Gain and Female Athletes

Saturday crew crushin’ out some muscle-up work


tall muscle clean 6, 4, 2

athletes have 12 minutes to finish a one mile run and with the remaining time complete max sets of the following couplet:
-03 burpee
-01 ground to overhead, 155/105lb
*score = number of completed couplets

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EVENTS: [11.13.10] CF312 Nutrition Workshop – You are what you eat. Accelerate your goals by understanding quality/quantity VS energyIN/energyOUT protocols.

article: Achieve Through Failure

Brenda getting down with some sandbag swings at a saturday team wod