p1. 5 sets (of decaying reps) for max rounds, :180/:90r
-burpee @ 15-12-9-6-3
-rkb swings, 70/55lb @ 10-8-6-4-2
-dips, rings @ 5-4-3-2-1
p2. 500m row for time

-post p1 modifications and p2 results to comments

20 Questions with CF312’s January Athlete of the Month: Deke

article: paleo pregnancy
paleo recipe of the day: paleo pork chops

Tyler putting some hurt on the incline bench, 345lb


rest day: mobility / skillwork / makeups

today’s mobilityWOD

-post thoughts/improvements to comments

article: faster metabolism

paleo recipe of the day: egg and spinach muffin (whole30:stm)

there’s no stopping Harlow.


p1. incline bench: develop one rep max
p2. 5 rounds for reps @ 90%+ speed, 2:00r
-headstand to hspu

*(p1) incline bench is conventional grip. (p2) 90% speed equals no struggle; athletes will be expected to stop work (and/or rotate) at first sign of struggle within repetition. all pushups are chest-to-deck.

-post p2 results/modifcations to comments

article: train the body – the mind will follow

paleo recipe of the day: bison chili

Collin working his way back to the 85kg weight-class


3 rounds of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for total time:
side-shuffle, 10m
knees to elbows
kb combo, 55/35lb
knees to elbows

*kb combo = clean + fs(left) + swing/handoff + clean + fs(right) + swing/handoff

-post modifications/thoughts to comments

article: 15 ways to fight stress

paleo recipe of the day: caribbean sea food stew

monster approved: pullup town.


p1. 3 rounds (max concentric sumo-dls @ 85% in 10s + 30′ senders) 5:00r
p2. max rounds in 8 minutes (3 pullups + 6 lunges + 9 tuck jumps)

-post modifications/loads to comments

article: muscle adaptation during exercise

paleo recipe of the day: olive, garlic and lemon chicken

Alex crushing some box squat PRs


rest day: mobility / skillwork / makeup

today’s mobilityWOD:

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WHOLE30 CHALLENGE starts TODAY! Get measured/weighed-in between 11am and 1pm

article: transitioning to a paleo diet

recipe of the day: rice free sushi


max rounds in 20 minutes:
20 meter handstand walk
11 jumping lunges

-post results to comments


article: not just another stupid new year’s resolution article


complete the 100 reps for time, with 4 burpees executed at the top of every minute:

20 thrusters
20 sumo deadlift high pulls
20 push jerk
20 overhead squats
20 front squats

*barbell weight = 95/65lb

-post results to comments

CF312 wishes everyone very safe and outstanding New Years.

REMINDER: don’t forget to measure/weigh-in for the Whole30 Challenge this sunday between 11am and 1pm

HOLIDAY HOURS: AM classes ONLY today / closed tomorrow (New Years day)

article: fish oil – gender matters

it was just that type of night..


rest day: mobility / skillwork / make-up

today’s mobilityWOD:

-post improvements/thoughts to comments

article: mental skills – training for sport


p1. box squat: develop one rep max
p2. death by clean+jerk, 70% of best c+j

-post p2 minutes survived to comments

article: insights on isometrics and overtraining

handstand skill development work