Corporate Wellness Program

Is your company searching for the perfect workout option for their employees? At CrossFit 312, we have certified coaches that will come to YOU and train your employees on site! We can modify the workouts to your employee fitness levels and goals. We are willing to offer a 30 – 60 day challenge to help encourage your employees to attend the classes and live a healthy lifestyle. No fitness center or equipment is needed. We will just need enough space for them to be able to get moving!

Contact us at for pricing details and to discuss your needs.

Team Building

Is your workplace looking to schedule a team building event? Do you have a group of friends interested in a team building event? What better way to build connections than through a workout! We host team building event at CrossFit 312 that can be modified for any fitness level, from beginner to expert.

Contact us at for pricing information and to set up your team building event.