1. When possible, be early.

Having enough time to switch shoes and/or clothes will be ideal to keeping our classes on time and your time here as productive as possible; give yourself enough time to change and to do any specialized stretching you may need prior to the start of class.

2. Check your ego at the door.

Somewhere a high school kid is warming up with your PR.

3. Be positive.

Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and those around you to do better.

4. Take care of your fellow CrossFitters.

Dont let others get away with things that are bad for them or bad for the gym. If you see someone doing something that you’re pretty sure will hurt them, tell them to cut it out. We’re all friends here, but sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt. Real friends don’t let friends get hurt or hurt others.

5. Clean up after yourself.

Used tape, markers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles and sweaty clothes all have a place, and it’s not on the gym floor. Please be respectful of the gym and the equipment. Put back any and all equipment used in warm-ups and/or workouts when the class has ended. Wipe down all equipment.

6. Be respectful of the equipment.

Some equipment is designed to be dropped occasionally, but dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. If you have any questions about how to use equipment or what should/shouldn’t be dropped, ask your coach. ALWAYS keep your weight under control.  NEVER drop an empty barbell.  NEVER drop a kettlebell or dumbbell.

7. Bring things to our attention.

If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, or there is no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can do something about it.

8. Go Heavy. (Safely.)

The only way to get stronger is to increase the load overtime. Always strive to go a little heavier and a little faster. Push your limits while staying safe. If you don’t know how much weight to use, ask a coach.

9. Scores and Results are Earned.

Cheating is lame. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself.  You know what full range of motion is, so there is no excuse for incomplete reps.  If someone calls you out for doing something wrong, listen to them. Constructive criticism can only help in the long run.

10. Learn how to count.

If you lose count, the next number is always 1.  If you know you have trouble keeping count, ask someone to count for you. Grab a chalkboard or use sweat-tallies. If you miss reps, you are cheating yourself. Take accountability and pride in your work.

11. Come to class.

Become consistent. Utilize the fact that you have a coach with you in every class. ASK QUESTIONS, OR ASK FOR HELP.

12. Don’t Cherry-pick WODs.

Picking and choosing workouts based on ‘what you want to do’ will almost guarantee plateauing results. CrossFit is about being well-rounded, not just showing up on days that you can post a good score. Working on your weaknesses will make you stronger, both physically and mentally.