Our Classes

CrossFit Basics: 101

CrossFit Basics: 101 is a series of introductory courses designed for people who haven’t been exposed to CrossFit previously. The goal of this class format is to provide you with a welcoming, intimidation-free class focused on specialized technique coaching (learning all those cool olympic lifts), fundamental gym etiquette every CrossFitter should know, nutritional tips to keep you healthy during training and answering your questions. We want nothing more than to make you feel comfortable starting your CrossFit program here at CrossFit 312.

We’ll introduce, teach and discuss range of motion requirements for the following movements:

  • Squats: Air Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat
  • Overhead Presses: Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
  • Powerlifting movements: Deadlift, Bench Press
  • Olympic lifts: Clean and Jerk, Snatch
  • Gymnastics movements: Pull-up, Push-ups, Burpees, Ring Dips, Muscle-Ups, Handstands
  • Other common CrossFit movements: Wall Ball, Thrusters, Kettlebell Swings, Rowing, Rope Jumping, Box Jumps

Here are couple other things you should know about the class:

  • In order to prepare you for our traditional CrossFit classes and keep you injury-free, we ask that you attend a minimum of ten (10) classes during your first 30 days at CrossFit 312 (see our 30 day CrossFit pricing below).
  • Once you complete you 10 classes, you’ll have the option to sign-up for membership. But, don’t feel pressured to move out of class — you are welcome to stay as long as you wish or come back at anytime for a technique refresh.
  • And lastly, please understand that all movements have modifications and we are happy to work with all abilities. We don’t expect you to be a CrossFit expert, we certainly weren’t when we started.

CrossFit Basics: 101 class is just $100 for your first month.  Don’t forget – you may continue to participate in 101 after you’ve become a member to fine tune your lifts, skills and conditioning.