December 2019 - Rich Butler | CrossFit 312

December 2019 – Rich Butler

Name:  Rich Butler

Nickname: Champagne Rich

Age: 60+

In general, what is your background? I am currently employed with the City of Chicago’s Department of Aviation as the First Deputy / Chief Administrative Officer where I’m responsible for the overall management of both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. 

How long have you been a member at our gym, how did you learn about CF and why did you start? Been a member for one year+. Received a recommendation from my dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Andre Santore. He recommended that this  gym would be a challenge towards my workouts and help with dance instruction and learn new techniques.

How has being a member at 312 changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?My time at 312 has built up my confidence to be able to do various exercises at the gym that I never thought that I would be able to do. I feel empowered to do anything that’s put in front of me, given my age. My core power, stamina, and strength have greatly increased since literally walking in the door (312), my muscle density has increased as well, thanks to my unforgiving coaches.

Short term goals (gym and/or personal): To master most of the workouts.

Long term goals (gym and/or personal): To be effective at the workouts I’m not proficient at.

What do you like most about being a member at 312? The coaches and member relationships.

Favorite and least favorite movements:
Favorite: Goblet Squats
Least Favorite: Handstand Push-ups

Favorite and least favorite WODs:
Favorite: anything Kipping Pull-ups
Least Favorite: Anything rowing

Favorite post-WOD meal: Protein shake with grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and garlic spinach.

Favorite movies: Ocean’s Eleven

Favorite book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; Kamasutra

Favorite artist: Rihanna / Beyonce / Ariana Grande

Favorite quotes or words you live by?

“I can do this…”

“I always win.”

“Doin’ it for fun..”

What are a few of your most notable achievements? My 39 year career in city government (soon to retirement).

I’m passionate about: plants, master gardening, bars, and cooking. Basically, living my best life.

Fun fact that we don’t know about you: That I’m a competitive rhythm and smooth dancer who recently won “Top Male Beginner” in a local competition (Fred Astaire).