Athlete of the Month

February 2017 – Andy Long

ALong or AndyL or The Real Andy Long not some fake one from Atlanta (briefly I was nicknamed Trophy Wife)


SaaS Sales Account Manager

In general, what is your background?
I am from the Northwest side of the city. My Grandparents hail from a mixture of Ireland, Germany and the Dominican Republic. I am the middle child of 3 boys, the other 2 being great athletes in their own right so we were constantly competing.

How long have you been a member at our gym, how did you learn about CF and why did you start?
I have been a member since October 2014. SHoes talked me into trying it after I completed my first Chicago Marathon. I started because I wanted something different than the traditional gym experience and I really like endurance workouts.

How has being a member at 312 changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?
It has definitely made in impact in many ways. I find myself drinking less because I don’t want to miss the weekend morning workouts, eating healthier and continuing to push for PRs every month. Since I joined in 2014 I have added around 14 pounds of muscle! 

Short term goals (gym and/or personal):
To perform well in the Battle of the Yard. RX the Open and finish it healthy. Continue to improve on Ring Muscle Ups.

Long term goals (gym and/or personal):
Stay healthy and lean. Listen to the coaches and remember its ok to take rest days. Continue to claim that Ignacio is cheating on every WOD just because he is so much faster than me. Keep traveling the world.

What do you like most about being a member at 312?
The community is amazing. So many great people and everyone is pushing to improve and perform at a high level. Regardless of how much CF experience an athlete might have there is always a hurdle to try and jump over. I love rooting for other athletes to push themselves to that next level.

Favorite and least favorite movements:
Favorites – Clean and Jerk and Bar Muscle up
Least Favorite – Thrusters and Overhead Squat

Favorite and least favorite WODs:
Favorite – Murph
Least Favorite – Fran and 14.5/16.5 (the worst thing ever!)

Favorite post-WOD meal:
Chipotle or Breakfast House on the weekend

Favorite movies:
Back to the Future, The Program, The Departed, GoodFellas and many more…

Favorite book:
Not a huge reader to be honest but I loved “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey and “Straight from the Gut” by Jack Welch

Favorite artist:
Jessica Balfour did an excellent job painting the skyline on the back gym wall. Good to know that art school is paying off for one of us.

Favorite quote or words you live by?
“Just Keep Swimming” from Finding Nemo

What are a few of your most notable achievements?
Finished 2 Marathons and finished an unassisted triple play in teeball. I guess I was the only kid on the field that knew what was going on.

I’m passionate about:
My family and close friends. I have a 1 year old niece as well. I also love music, all kinds too.

Fun fact that we don’t know about you:
I was formally a child model, yes I had a brief stint on the catwalk many moons ago. Just worked a few fashion shows back in the early 90’s.