Ignacio Granja

In November of 2010, Ignacio began participating in Crossfit classes with his local rugby club as a way to supplement his run of the mill training regimen. His first class consisting of a modest rowing and burpee ladder sent him into a haze he only half remembers to this day – after just a few more crushing attempts at this new training approach, he came to love the mental and physical demands brought on by Crossfit. Moreover, he was amazed by how efficiently the short one-hour training sessions translated into improved performance and endurance on the rugby pitch.

Ignacio left his first and only Crossfit gym in the summer of 2015 in search of a new Chicago-area home. The instructors and competitive, yet inviting community at 312 left him hooked after just a single day. He believes working alongside friends and like-minded individuals is a great foundation for success in the gym.

“Crossfit 312 has become a second home to me over the years – I want to help convey the importance of strength and proper movements patterns while fostering the qualities of our gym that make so many of us feel welcome.”