Jenny Spencer

In college, Jenny was one of those people who you would find at the gym for two hours doing cardio and lifting (mostly machines). She developed a love for group fitness classes as well as a passion to lead them. For seven years she taught weekly fitness classes (primarily Zumba and Zumba Toning) as a part-time passion. During this time Jenny self-studied to get her Personal Trainer Certification and Group Fitness Certification through ACE so that she could be more knowledgeable about the choreography and programs she was designing for her classes.

Three years ago Jenny relocated to Chicago. She was living near a CrossFit gym and remembered how a LOT of her Zumba students had told her she needed to try it because of the strength choreography she designed in my classes. Because of her full time job and part time teaching schedule in Indianapolis, she didn’t have the chance to make it to a box. Jenny walked in to a busy Saturday team WOD in Chicago and immediately fell in love with the community (and the barbell).

CrossFit has had a great impact on Jenny’s life in the short amount of time she’s been involved with it. Jenny’s met most of her friends in Chicago through CrossFit. Jenny picked up coaching classes at her previous gym which filled the void that Zumba left. She loves being a part of an organization and program design that empowers and adapts to literally anyone.

“I love to help people and love to talk about anything fitness or nutrition related. Plus, I work for a pretty awesome protein bar company. ;)”


  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • Group Training Coach
  • CPR/AED Certified