Lindsay Arends

After years of suffering from lower back pain, Lindsay Arends couldn’t even pick up a laundry basket or put on her own socks without help. Running and yoga seemed to be doing more damage than good. And traditional medicine was providing minimal relief.

Lindsay had never touched a weight in her life, but after hearing about the importance of gaining strength in order to prevent further injury and pain, she decided to try CrossFit. (And she missed her husband, who spent all of his free time at CrossFit 312.) That was three years ago, and Lindsay’s never looked back. Her back pain has decreased significantly and she’s healthier, stronger and happier than ever.

CrossFit became such an important part of Lindsay’s life that on November 3, 2014, she became an owner of CrossFit 312 along with Mike Zemanski, Stephen Hoesley and Jessica Balfour.

“Becoming a part of the CrossFit 312 community, didn’t just improve my fitness level, it improved my life. CrossFitting has made my marriage stronger, introduced me to some of my best friends and taught me to take risks. It’s a huge honor to be a part of our community.”