Paul Warren

Paul grew up in a small town outside of St. Louis, since he could never quite get on board with the FFA, playing hockey and soccer seemed to be the best alternative. Paul went on to play collegiate hockey and once he graduated, struggled to find something that filled that competitive void.

In 2006, after a good friend returned from Camp Pendleton and told Paul “we need to do a real man’s workout today,” (what is now “Michael”) Paul was instantly hooked. At this time, there were very few actual CrossFit gyms outside of California, so he began following CrossFit main site, and wreaking havoc on all the globo-gyms in the area. Once the CrossFit-Koolaid spread to the Midwest, Paul joined a local CrossFit gym in St. Louis and quickly realized how much more fun CrossFit is, once you have a CrossFit Community to be a part of. Unable to sit still in one place for too long, he then moved to Alabama and was able to train alongside athletes who now compete in the Grid League, which not only helped him take his training to the next level, but also exposed him to coaching and programming. He began officially coaching in 2011 and with every location change he has made, his first order of business is always to locate a well-established CrossFit gym.

After taking a break from coaching for the past couple of years, the community at CrossFit 312 made such an impact, he wanted to step into a bigger role. Paul loves being a part of the CrossFit Community, but the CrossFit 312 family stands head and shoulders above the rest. The encouragement, drive and fun that is evident in the CrossFit 312 gym every day, is the reason that once starting CrossFit, he has never looked back.

“CrossFit 312 reignited the passion I have for CrossFit. This is a strong community of successful people, who want to excel both in and outside of the gym. I love that the best part of my day is walking into this gym to sweat amongst some of the best people I’ve come to know.”


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate