Athlete of the Month

September 2017 – Jaron Kent

“Jaron’s been working extremely hard and has made huge improvements this year. From butterfly pull-ups to hitting a 205 clean and jerk recently, he just keeps hitting new PRs.” – Coach Matt

“J” (what my family and close friends call me)


Sales Manager at Glassdoor

In general, what is your background?
Born in St. Louis, MO but raised in Indianapolis, IN. I was a swimmer, tennis player, and a track and field athlete. Track and field ended up being my sport of sport and was competitive for about 8 years. I went to Indiana University, Bloomington and graduated in 2009 at which point I moved here to Chicago for about a year and a half. From there, I moved out to NYC where I stayed for 4 years and then moved back here in August of 2017. I joined a crossfit gym out in NYC and stuck with it for about 9 months at which point I kind of felt “burned out” (more or less just didn’t want to put in the necessary work to get good haha) and wasn’t really physically active (aside from recreational sport play here in there) until joining Crossfit 312.

How long have you been a member at our gym, how did you learn about CF and why did you start?
Been at CF312 since Jan 1 of this year. I learned about it because I work on this side of town and determined that I was going to give crossfit another shot. From there, I did a quick google search and noticed that CF312 was right around the corner from my office and had some great reviews so I decided to do the month unlimited and see what this box was all about.

How has being a member at 312 changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?
I think the short answer here is, tremendously. Being a member here has put me 100% back into athlete mode which I have learned is the mode that I need to be in to ensure that I am living my best life. The level in which I find myself motivated and excited to stay healthy and to put the right “stuff” in my body is much higher than when I was a track and field athlete and kind of feel like if I had this mentality when I was running, I might have been that much better?? Long story short, I have never been that totally motivated athlete until now and though I am a bit late to the game, I am pretty into it.

Short term goals (gym and/or personal):
MUSCLE UPSSSS (bar and ring) I feel like I am SOOO close and should happen any minute now….

Long term goals (gym and/or personal):
Just get stronger. I would love to come in confident that I can execute every workout prescribed with no worries.

What do you like most about being a member at 312?
Honestly, my 7 am class. I have really grown to like the regulars that come to 7 am and it makes the experience that much better to think that I have some cronies that are here with me and are about to go through the same grueling work out that I am about to do… haha. Shout out to Erin, Kenny, Adam, Sam, Erik, and Miken (when she doesn’t cheat on us for 5:30 pm class haha)

Favorite and least favorite movements:
Favorite: Squat Cleans/Clean and Jerk (recently got a PR in these movements so that might explain it ha)
Least Favorite: Thrusters… HATE HATE HATE

Favorite and least favorite WODs:
Favorite: DT
Least Favorite: Anything with thrusters

Favorite post-WOD meal:
Steak and eggs

Favorite movies:
All of the James Bond movies

Favorite book:
Honestly, the Harry Potters…. I know I’ll get shit for that but it’s true

Favorite artist:
Ty Dolla$ign is a recent fav of mine

Favorite quote or words you live by?
You can’t improve something that you can’t measure

What are a few of your most notable achievements?
Scoring my job here in Chicago at Glassdoor. It was a big step up professionally and went in thinking that I had no chance so… pretty proud of that (defs feels weird to brag though haha)

I’m passionate about:
My family, my relationship, my clothing ;), and honestly CrossFit within the last 8 months. Funny story, one of my first classes the question of the day was, “What is your least favorite part of the day” and my answer was, “when I have to come to crossfit” (Erin, I know if you are reading this you know exactly when this happened haha). I truly can say that now, even though I dread the pain I am going to be in after the WOD, I can’t wait to get in every morning

Fun fact that we don’t know about you:
I’m probably the tallest person you know that can do a standing back flip