01.29.11 | CrossFit 312


CF312 LeagueDaze: competition.02t

1) 15min: team front squat

* score equals sum of all team members’ 1rm for the day. athletes can make as many attempts as needed to reach max load, but must buy-in to each attempt with 30 pushups directly preceding their lift.

-post results to comments

10am – 2009 cfg modified ‘stadiumWOD’
2) for time: (relay-A) + rotation cycle-B + (relay-C)

a1- 30 wallball, 20/14lb
b1- 30 burpees
b2- 30 box jump, 24/20″
b3- 30 kb swing, 70/55lb
b4- 30 ring body rows
c1- 30 deadlift, 225/135lb

-post modifications to comments

for athletes interested in participating in ’2-a-days’ both options of 9am and 10am are available for them in a competitive-team format (today). for all athletes just looking to get their saturdayWOD on, either option is available, the time slot will only facilitate that particular workout.

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