01.25.11 | CrossFit 312


p1. 15min: 05 mountain climbers + 20m wind sprint ≤ 85%; loop
p2a. max reps in 5min: 30 double unders + 30 wall run steps, 2:00r
p2b. max reps in 3min: 10 tuck jumps + 6 hspu, 2:00r
p2c. max reps in 2min: wall ball, 20/14lb

-post modifications to comments. spend 1:1 time accelerating/decelerating on p1 wind sprints; mountain climbers are 4 counts.

article: weightlifting and recovery
paleo recipe of the day: paleo trail mix

Jess and Halley tie it up for day2i!

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