1.29.18 - Monday | CrossFit 312

1.29.18 – Monday


A big thank you to Mr. Moran, Mayor of 6 a.m., for creating and executing another amazing Math WOD. We are all stronger and smarter (and humbled) because of you. Thanks!

2018 CrossFit Open – Thursday Night Face-offs @ CF 312

This year, we are excited to announce a new and fun way to complete your Open workout and go head-to-head with a fellow 312 athlete! During the five weeks of the CrossFit Open, we will be hosting a head-to-head match-up of two athletes on Thursday evenings immediately following the announcement of the workout by Dave Castro.

Learn more and sign up!


DB Snatch Technique/ Double Under Technique

100 Double Unders Buy-in
DB Snatches
Burpee over DB
100 Double Unders


3 Back Squat @20X0 (55-60%)

3 Rounds:
B1. 8-10 Thrusters; Rest 10sec (ascending)
B2. Max (-2reps) CTB Pull-Ups; Rest 3min

For time:
100 Double Unders
21-15-9 (DB Snatches (50/35) + Burpee over DB)
100 Double Unders

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