11.10.18 - Saturday | CrossFit 312

11.10.18 – Saturday


Good luck to all the CF312 Athletes competing in the South Loop Games this weekend! You can check out the heat times here!

Also, follow along and cheer on our resident strong man and coach, Craig Garkie, while he competes at the World Powerlifting Championships this weekend in Las Vegas.

Lifting starts at 9 a.m. and he will be on platform red B.

8 a.m. – STRENGTH

A. Establish a 5RM Deadlift in 15min
B1. Bent Over Row 3×6; rest 60sec B2. 5/leg Read Foot Elevated Split Squats; rest 90sec, x3
C1. 10 Strict Pull-Up; rest 60sec C2. 10 Chest Supported Row; rest 90sec, x3
D. Reverse Hyper 3×8

9 a.m. – 101/CROSSFIT

Teams of 4, 2 Rounds for Max Reps, 2min ON/1min OFF then rotate:
S1: Cal Row
S2: Deadlift (115/85)
S3: Wall Balls (20/14)
S4: DB Push Jerks (50/35)

-One DB for the Push Jerks, alternate arms whenever

10 a.m. – CROSSFIT

Partner “Zimmerman”
22 CtB Pull-ups
4 Deadlift (315/225)
20 Handstand Push-ups

-One person working at a time, partners swap reps how ever they’d like
-Sub HSPUs with Hand Release Push-Ups or DB Push Presses (two DBs)

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