12.1.18 - Saturday | CrossFit 312

12.1.18 – Saturday

8 a.m. – STRENGTH

A. Deadlift 2×5 @97% of 5RM
B1. Bent Over Row 3×6; rest 60sec B2. 5/leg Read Foot Elevated Split Squats; rest 90sec
C1. 10 Pull-Up; rest 60sec C2. 10 Banded Lat Pulldown; rest 90sec, x3
D. Reverse Hyper 3×8

9 a.m. – 101/CROSSFIT

Teams of 3, 30 AMRAP
5 DL 275/205
12 Sit-ups
9 Box Jumps

Notes: One athlete working at a time. Scale deadlift for 5 unbroken challenging reps

10 a.m. – CROSSFIT

Teams of 4, 2RFT:
Row 1500m [one person holds sandbag] (100/70)
150 Burpees [one person holds sandbag] (100/70)
75 Sandbag Ground to Over Shoulder (100/70) [one person holds plank]

-Partners can split row/reps however they’d like
-Reps can only be accumulated while a partner is holding static position, switch holds as needed

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