December 2018 – Justin McClintock

“Justin has a great attitude! He works hard, is c

November 2018 – Michelle Buckmaster & Jake Cross

“This is our first time having a couple as the at

October 2018 – Amber Kardosh

“Amber is 100% committed to being her best every

September 2018 – Pedro Rivera

“Pedro has grown as an athlete so much in the pas

August 2018 – Cynthia Pierre

“Cynthia is very coachable, always has a great at

July 2018 – Frank Johnson

“Frank is very consistent and always gives 100% i

June 2018 – Brian Germain

“Brian’s one of the hardest workers at 312.

May 2018 – Cory Bazany

“Cory is positive, positive, positive! I don̵