July 2017 – Stephanie Santore

“Steph always comes in with a positive attitude a

June 2017 – Mike Henry

Nickname: Henry (does that count?), “Onree” from ho

May 2017 – Daniel Rubin

Age: 29 Occupation:  Finance Bro* (*Not an actual bro.

April 2017 – Shane Stanford

Occupation: Software Engineer In general, what is your

March 2017 – Raathai Molian

Nickname: Nothing has stuck in my 30 so years Age: 31 (

February 2017 – Andy Long

Nickname: ALong or AndyL or The Real Andy Long not some

January 2017 – Rachel Mejak

Name: Rachel Mejak Nickname: -Mejak the Jackhammer (I a

December 2016 – Tommy Blockyou

Name: Tommy Blockyou Age: 32 Occupation: Category Marke