January 2017 – Rachel Mejak

Name: Rachel Mejak Nickname: -Mejak the Jackhammer (I a

December 2016 – Tommy Blockyou

Name: Tommy Blockyou Age: 32 Occupation: Category Marke

November 2016 – Jennifer Poynton

Name: Jennifer Poynton Nickname: J Po Age: 38 Occupatio

October 2016 – Anthony Bertucci

“Bertucci (aka – the king of strict EVERYTH

September 2016 – Shebnem Ince

Name: Shebnem Ince Nickname: Sheb Age: old enough to be

August 2016 – Andre Santore

Nickname: Dre, Driz, Drizzle, and CrossFit (@Work) Age:

July 2016 – Graziela Fitch

Nickname: Grazi Age: 38 Occupation: Brazilian Crossfite

June 2016 – Nick Goodman

Nickname: Goodman (very original) Age:  28 Occupation: