p1. box squat: 5/3/1
p2. 3 rounds:
-12m resistance sprints, black/green
-max consecutive pullups, kipping

-post p1 results to comments

special thanks: to Brittany for taking endless amounts of incredible photos
during saturday’s oly meet.

ALSO: “last minute CF312 holiday party” this friday night (dec17th) at Villains

article: postural analysis and program design

TGUC day 25

a hard(er) routine


p1. push press: 1rm
p2. 21-15-09 for time (ohs, 95/65lb + ring dip)

-post p1 results to comments

article: 5 ways competition can improve your life

SHOUT-OUT: a big thanks goes out to WCCF for the great event they put on over the weekend. they hosted an amazing amount of competitors from all over the Chicagoland area and beyond, in their incredible new space. great job to them and all the athletes new and ‘old’ that competed over the weekend.

UPDATES: a big-big congratulations to our CrossFit 312 Team (Trish, Halley, Lauren, Jerome, Alex, Lucas and Lamb and Sean) who competed this weekend. first time lifters and ‘more’ seasoned lifters, everyone fought through the nervousness and did an amazing job on their lifts. with lots of emotion, we had a handful personal records (pr’s) and a ton of excitement throughout the event. also a big thank you to all of our members that came out to the event to support their fellow athletes on the CF312 team.

TGUC day 24

some of our team at the 2010 WCCF Winter Oly Meet


REST DAY: mobility / skillwork / makeup

mobility wod:

-post progress to comments

article: is insulin resistance really making us fat?

TGUC day 23


team workout for time:
4 rounds:
500m row
15 knees to elbows
20 kb swing, 55/35lb
30 squats

-post results to comments

REMINDER: there will be no Introduction Classes today.

NEWS: come cheer on the CF312 Team today as they participate in the WCCF Winter Weightlifting Meet starting at 11am (today)

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TGUC day 22

Body Lever, Straddle
Gold Fish doing work on an impressive  body lever (straddle).


p1. 10min: 20m wind sprints
p2. 15 rounds for time: (01 squat clean thrusters, 135/85lb + 20 double unders)

-post results/modifactions to comments

article: how to reverse the aging process

TGUC day 21

Look like anyone we know? We are amongst celebrity..


REST DAY: mobility / skillwork / makeup / olyprep


article: benefits of fasted training

TGUC day 20

Coach Lucas getting one of our On Ramp classes moving


11 rep pyramid for time:
arch/hollow snaps
ball slams, 20/14lb
body lever

-post modifications to comments

article: fructose

TGUC day 19

Congrats to Jay(left) and Deke(right) on their first kipping pullups lasnight!


12min – max distance in remaining time, c2 rower
buy-in with: 5 x strict chin ladder (1-3)

-post modifactions to comments

article: how much protein do you really need?

20 Questions with CF312 Athlete of the Month:
December 2010 – Halley Brown

TGUC day 18

Jay getting ’em up there..


p1. box squat: 3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80%, max @ 90%
p2. for time: 25 push press, 115/75lb + 50 lunges + 100 double unders

-post p1 results to comments

article: building a nation of linebackers..

TGUC Day 17

saturday team’s doing work.



REMINDER: we are closed today!

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TGUC Day 16

today’s mobilityWOD