homeWOD, for time:
50 situps
3 sets (30 jumping lunges + 5 hspu)
50 situps

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article: rest and recovery after exercise


20-1, for time:
(odd reps) tuck jumps
(even reps) chair dips

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REMINDER: we are closed today – reopen sunday

article: high fructose corn syrup

the kid don’t play.


REST DAY: mobility / skillwork  / makeup

today’s mobilityWOD:

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article: is periodization applicable to novice athletes?


p1. sumo deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1, :60r
p2. 20 sets of 3 hand-release pushups for time

*pushups must been broken every three reps

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thursday – all classes as scheduled
friday – morning and noon classes
saturday – closed
sunday – normal hours (11-1pm)

article: why stretching is not a good warm up

the face of a man who just did 1000 turkish get-ups in 31 days. congrats Alex


p1. annie (50-40-30-20-10: double unders + situps)
p2. for time: 1k row, the hard way (10 x 100m intervals, :20r)

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article: all natural unhealthy grains

snatchin’ fool.


12 Days of Christmas, for time:
01 clean+jerk, bodyweight
02 deadlifts, bodyweight
03 burpees
04 pullups
05 box jumps, 24/20″
06 wall balls, 20/14lb
07 kb swings, 55/35lb
08 jumping ring dips
09 pushups
10 goodmornings, 25/15lb
11 straight-leg situps
12 front squat, bodyweight

*athletes will progress through the days and work backwards after each ‘new’ day. in example, 1 clean and jerk THEN 2 deadlifts + 1 clean and jerk THEN 3 burpees + 2 deadlifts + 1 clean and jerk.. and so on..

-workout originating from CrossFit Santa Cruz

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TGUC day 31

article: 10 ways to sneak in a holiday workout

post-holiday-party WOD..


REST DAY: mobility / skillwork / makeup

today’s mobilityWOD:

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article: the fear of flexibility

TGUC day 30


team workout:
max “team double unders” in 10min
*rotation is set when non-DU participants reaches 10 hspu
max “team wall balls, 20/14” in 10min
*rotation is set when non-WB participants reaches 10 hspu

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article: sugar soft drinks, obesity and diabetes

TGUC day 29


5min: shuttle run, 10-15-20m
-at the start of every minute do max burpees in 15s
5min: farmer walk, 45/35lb dbs
-at the start if every minute do max shoulder-to-overhead in 15s
5min: shuttle run, 10-15-20m
-at the start of every minute do max burpees in 15s

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REMINDER: last-minute holiday-party TONIGHT at VILLAINS / 9pm

article: adrenal weakness

TGUC day 28

Shawna dragging Sean across the floor


REST DAY: mobility / skillwork / makeup

today’s mobilityWOD

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article: explosive necessity

TGUC day 27

Alex - Split Jerk (CF312)
solid split jerk (Alex)