a. press: 5-5-3-3-1-1-1
b. tall split jerk:  100% x 1 x 3, 92% x 3 x 2
*base tsj% off previous successful press 1rm. finish each rep with controlled negative (eccentric) back to rack position.

3 rounds for time/splits:
10 killers + 25m sprint + 25m bear crawl + 15 wallball shots, 20/14lb

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article: Why Breakfast is King (and Why it is not)

good morning!


REST DAY: Mobility / Skill Work / Make-Up

article: Lifting Weights is Sexy

today’s mobilityWOD:


6 x 40m walking good mornings @ 20/10% of best squat, full recovery

*notes: slight lunge fwd, with lead knee < 70 degrees behind heel. focus on isometric stabilization of the lower back through the eccentric phase and pull through hip extension on concentric (fwd-stepping) portion. score will be in pass/fail format per effort. there is no aspect of time associated with individual efforts.

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article: How to Increase Your Will-Power

5:30 crew recuperating from the day’s training


box squat: 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+

4 rounds for total time:
50m broad jump + 15 consecutive pullups

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article: Weight Gain and Female Athletes

Saturday crew crushin’ out some muscle-up work


tall muscle clean 6, 4, 2

athletes have 12 minutes to finish a one mile run and with the remaining time complete max sets of the following couplet:
-03 burpee
-01 ground to overhead, 155/105lb
*score = number of completed couplets

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EVENTS: [11.13.10] CF312 Nutrition Workshop – You are what you eat. Accelerate your goals by understanding quality/quantity VS energyIN/energyOUT protocols.

article: Achieve Through Failure

Brenda getting down with some sandbag swings at a saturday team wod


team workout
4 rounds for time:
100m sandbag swing, 60/30lb
25 ring row muscle-ups
400m run

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article: Should You Trust Medical Studies?

Rahul and Jerome pushing em out. We wish Rahul goodluck as he preps
to head to officer’s school in the Army.


4 rounds for max reps in each event, alternating:
:60/:45r – double unders (sub: 2 singles)
:60/:45r – bear complex, 95/55lb
:60/:45r – burpees

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NEWS: CrossFit 312 is happy to announce the addition of Lucas McEmery to our coaching staff. We welcome him to the CF312 Family and look forward to his energy and coaching style as an addition to our arsenal. Check out his bio on our coaches page [HERE]

article: Hurt So Good (CF Intrepid via CF Verve)

Coach Lucas at 2010 CrossFit Games, Home Depot Center – Culver City, CA


REST DAY: Mobility / Skill Work / Make-Up Day

article: Training Theory

EVENT: Lunges for Links [11.06.10] Next saturday. Good times to be had, lots of lunges to be executed. Proceeds goto Links Northshore Youth Health Services (non for profit).

EVENT: 2nd Annual WCCF Winter Weightlifing Meet [12.11.10] Competition time. New to Olympic Lifting? Come get inspired and watch men and women compete in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk events.

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today’s mobilityWOD


do work wednesday:
equipped with a deck of cards and a running clock, one card will be drawn every 30 seconds. reps are determined by value of card (2=2,3=3.. face cards = 10, A = 11) if a joker is drawn 4x 3-pattern(C/D/E) dot drills will be performed (:60 allowed). modifications will be made from the start to ensure all athletes can maintain for the entire deck of cards. this is about long(er) duration work capacity with a small fluctuation in intensity.

*suite breakdown: ♠ = pushup | ♣ = sumo deadlift | ♥ = squat jump | ♦ = hanging leg lift

-post sumo deadlift weights

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Harlow and Jerome fighting for distance.