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12-15 dead press (overhead), s≤3reps
accessory/recovery work

-post build-ups/results to comments

*new project:deathproof challenge*

article: global obesity doubles since 1980
primal recipe of the day: bacon and broccoli salad

as if Leo needed an increase in range-of-motion.


2 rounds for time:
50 jumping lunges
25 hollow/arch snaps

-post results/modifcations to comments

weather conditions: currently closed WEDNESDAY based off news reports. check back at 5:30am for updates on class schedules for 02.02.11 – MGMT (last updated: 02.02 @ 5:20am)

20 QUESTIONS with FEBRUARY Athlete of the Month: HARLOW

article: kettlebells for weight-loss and core stability
paleo recipe of the day: mexican stew


weighted chins 2-2-2-2-2
supplemental work

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weather conditions: with safety of our members in mind, we sadly will be closing for the day for both Normally Scheduled Classes and OnRamp Courses. Wednesday morning hours will be tentative to conditions and posted by 5:30AM


  • 1) 5 x 2-3 pseudo planche pushup (slowest down/up as possible) :60r
  • 2) 3 rounds for time (:30 plank hold + 5 pushups + 10 burpees + 15 squats)
  • 3) 5min max wall-run, steps

-post results to comments (for psuedo planche: vary shoulder distance past wrist for beginner comfort, see video for reference)

pDP participants, get creative around the house with some supine pullup (i.e. table/chairs, etc)

article: how bad is rice, really?
paleo recipe of the day: shepard’s pie

aftermath; fight gone bad.


rest day: mobility / skillwork / makeup

today’s mobilityWOD

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article: top 5 priorities when going out to eat
paleo recipe of the day: bokchoy + peach stew


CF312 LeagueDaze: competition.02t

1) 15min: team front squat

* score equals sum of all team members’ 1rm for the day. athletes can make as many attempts as needed to reach max load, but must buy-in to each attempt with 30 pushups directly preceding their lift.

-post results to comments

10am – 2009 cfg modified ‘stadiumWOD’
2) for time: (relay-A) + rotation cycle-B + (relay-C)

a1- 30 wallball, 20/14lb
b1- 30 burpees
b2- 30 box jump, 24/20″
b3- 30 kb swing, 70/55lb
b4- 30 ring body rows
c1- 30 deadlift, 225/135lb

-post modifications to comments

for athletes interested in participating in ’2-a-days’ both options of 9am and 10am are available for them in a competitive-team format (today). for all athletes just looking to get their saturdayWOD on, either option is available, the time slot will only facilitate that particular workout.

article: resistant starch foods: will they make you thin?
paleo recipe of the day: paleo bread recipes

flag stability.


20min: max meters rowed, 4ds

-post tears to comments

today’s WOD will require a time slot sign-in: click here please show up 10-15min prior to your start time for an adequate warm up. we will accommodate everyone as much as possible. ask questions ‘in comment section’ if you have any concerns.

article: preventative medicine, i assure you.
paleo recipe of the day: paleo deserts

viking hat or no-viking hat, we request everyone’s presence today. row hard.


rest day: mobility / skillwork / makeup

friday’s WOD will require a time slot sign-in: click here please show up 10-15min prior to your start time for an adequate warm up. we will accommodate everyone as much as possible. ask questions ‘in comment section’ if you have any concerns.

today’s mobilityWOD

-post improvements / thoughts to comments

article: military: adopting more diverse fitness programs
paleo recipe of the day: glutten free pizza


for max load (bear complex 1-1-1-1-1), rest as needed

* 1 bear complex = 7 cycles of (singles) power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + push press (and then to floor). no resting on the floor from cycle to cycle, not even to re-grip;  acceptable rest positions are in the rack position, overhead or on the back.

-post build-up to comments

article: the role of calcium in bone remodeling
paleo recipe of the day: crab cakes


p1. 15min: 05 mountain climbers + 20m wind sprint ≤ 85%; loop
p2a. max reps in 5min: 30 double unders + 30 wall run steps, 2:00r
p2b. max reps in 3min: 10 tuck jumps + 6 hspu, 2:00r
p2c. max reps in 2min: wall ball, 20/14lb

-post modifications to comments. spend 1:1 time accelerating/decelerating on p1 wind sprints; mountain climbers are 4 counts.

article: weightlifting and recovery
paleo recipe of the day: paleo trail mix

Jess and Halley tie it up for day2i!


p1. 3 x (max sumo-dl @ 95% in 15s, :60r + accessory work) 3:00r
*accessory work (max box jumps in 20s + 12m resistance run)
p2. 4 x for time: (3 muscleups + 300m row @ 10/8d + 20 rkbswings, 70/55lb)

-post p1 results/heights and p2 modifications to comments

article: milk does a body good, right?
paleo recipe of the day: dry rub burgers and sweet potato rounds

and to think, Collin likes double unders…