Adam Feltz

Adam Feltz found Crossfit through Paleo/Marks Daily Apple while researching gluten free eating. Years of endurance training had beaten him up and he needed a change. After he raced Ironman Wisconsin in September 2011, and missed a spot to Hawaii by six minutes, he decided to try CrossFit, and joined CrossFit 312 a month later.

He decided to get his Level 1 Certification and start coaching in the spring of 2013 to refine his own skills and to share with others how transformative CrossFit can be. Feltz believes there is nothing better than watching athletes do things they never thought were possible: getting their first kipping pull up, finishing their first Murph or even committing to exercise for the first time.

“Crossfit showed me that my previous definition of fitness was so misguided. I was the poster child for chronic cardio, hitting some 20+ hour training weeks. I nearly broke 10 hours for the Ironman, but couldn’t touch my toes or do a proper air squat. I’d never lifted a weight before starting at CrossFit 312. CrossFit is helping me create sustainable, well rounded fitness that makes me feel like I can do anything, but it’s the community that got me hooked. My wife Lisa and I have made such close friends being part of the CF312 family.”


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Group Training Coach