Athlete of the Month

April 2018 – Nicole Rattigan

“Nicole is very consistent and just participated in her first CF Open and she did it all RX! She’s a hard worker and always a pleasure to have in class.” – Coach Matt

None worth mentioning.


Genetic Counselor

In general, what is your background?
I’m the eldest of three sisters who are, hands down, my best friends. We are born and bred Canadians, but lived all over the north east growing up. I studied biotechnology during college in upstate NY (Go Tigers) where I met my husband Kevin. After graduation, we moved to Chicago where I attended graduate school at Northwestern to become a genetic counselor. I now work for a biotech genetic testing company in CA where I teach doctors how to properly order and counsel their patients about prenatal genetic testing.

How long have you been a member at our gym, how did you learn about CF and why did you start?
I started at 312 in September of 2016. We just moved from Lakeview to the West Loop and needed a new gym. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and following graduate school, I took a stab at body building. I had become tired of measuring my success based entirely on physique and wanted to instead focus on performance. With my interest in gymnastics and weight lifting, CrossFit was the perfect fit. 312 was local and transparent so I tried it out for a month and fell in love.

How has being a member at 312 changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?
CrossFit has completely changed my outlook on fitness and what my body and mind are capable of. My confidence in my physically ability has grown so much over the last year and it’s exciting to know I still have so much more to gain. It has been incredibly empowering to work out alongside the badass ladies of 312. They’ve helped me accept that strength is beautiful and that women can not only keep with the boys, but often kick their butts.

Short term goals (gym and/or personal):
Gym: Butterfly pull ups and improving Olympic lifting.
Personal: After obsessing over the Great British Baking Show, I am determined to learn how to bake fancy things (taste testers welcome).

Long term goals (gym and/or personal):
I’d like to travel to as many countries as possible in this lifetime. I would also love to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps the drums? (Mostly based on my outstanding ‘Rock Band’ skills).

What do you like most about being a member at 312?
I enjoy always having a goal to work towards and the variety of movement CrossFit has to offer. Though I think my favorite part about 312 is the comradery of the gym. I work remotely and Kev travels a lot, and so some days pass without seeing another human. On these days, as 4pm rolls around, I find I most look forward to spending an hour with fellow athletes and coaches that have become great friends.

Favorite and least favorite movements:
Least: Front squats and deadlifts
Fav: Handstand pushups and toes to bar (thanks gymnasty!)

Favorite post-WOD meal:
Kev and I LOVE to cook, so this is hands down my favorite question. If it’s an AM workout, chances are we’re whipping up either sweet potato hash or shakshuka. If we’re talking PM, it’s usually chicken, steak or salmon and some veg. Or an acai protein smoothie bowl. And every evening ends with HaloTop Candy Bar ice cream with a drizzle of Frangelico.

Favorite movies:
Back to the Future, Avatar, The School of Rock, Guardians of the Galaxy

Favorite book:
Always and forever, the Harry Potter series. The fantasy and imagination have captured my heart for years. I have two HP tattoos and have read the series over 20 times. I’ve also always found the story and symbolism of The Great Gatsby fascinating.

Favorite artist:
Lady Gaga. She’s an incredibly talented, creative and passionate soul- certainly an artist in her own right.

Favorite quote or words you live by?
“Don’t let the muggles get you down.”

“You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, to soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone- profusely. But don’t ever apologize for being who you are.”

What are a few of your most notable achievements?
Graduating college with a 4.0 GPA, marrying the love of my life, learning every word of the Hamilton sound track, taking names at the 2018 Galt Games.

I’m passionate about:
Good food and drink. Traveling and experiencing new cultures. My cat Henry. Board games.

Fun fact that we don’t know about you:
I’ve applied for Survivor three times and once received a call back, I can burp super loud, I easily sleep 9 hours a night, and I’m prone to crushes on boys in books.