Dante DeTillio

Dante was first exposed to CrossFit in 2007 when a friend showed him a video of a CrossFit competition he had competed in. Confused by the strange movements and grainy, flip phone video, Dante chose to instead take a more traditional “Bro lifting” approach. After a few years of this “Bro lifting”, his gainz plateaued and he was plagued by numerous injuries. Frustrated, he stumbled into a grand opening of a new CrossFit gym in his college town in 2010.

Dante was instantly hooked by the scientific methodology and quickly humbled by a workout forcing you to do a burpee for every pound your bench press was higher than your front squat (60+ burpees were done that day). Amazed by the CrossFit community’s family-like feel and the drive of everyone to be better, he found a new passion for fitness.

Dante moved to Chicago in February 2016 and quickly joined CrossFit 312. What he found was a fantastic community that embraced a competitive CrossFit program while still maintaining CrossFit’s infinite scalability.

“CrossFit 312 has provided an amazing outlet for me to meet life-long friends in an unfamiliar city while continuing to grow and share my passion for fitness with others.”