Athlete of the Month

December 2017 – Jevon Huang

“Jevon’s positive attitude, hard work, and support of fellow athletes during workouts is contagious. He always pushes himself and those around him. Keep up the good work! ” – Coach Patrick Z

Jev is probably the most common one. A few college friends called me Jevy-Sauce for two years. I never knew why or what it meant. The majority of people just unintentionally (I think) call me Jeh-VON because I guess that’s how it should be pronounced.


I’m currently studying at Rush University for a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. I’ll graduate in December 2018.

In general, what is your background?  
I’m half Chinese and half Germain. FAQ: My dad is the Chinese one.

I grew up in West County St. Louis. We don’t call them the burbs, the city isn’t cool enough to make the suburbs a lame place to go. I lived with my Mom and two older sisters, one of which lives in Chicago now too.

I went to Missouri State University (Springfield MO) where I studied Cell and Molecular Biology. I met my wife freshman year, but we didn’t start to date until senior year. After graduating I moved back to St. Louis with Katie and worked to get clinical hours so that I could apply to PA school.

How long have you been a member at our gym, how did you learn about CF and why did you start? 
I started CF in May 2012 because the stereotypical loud crossfitter who only talks about crossfit convinced me to go to his gym. I thought I was fit before doing that work…until I had to pull over while driving home to puke. Somehow that convinced me to do crossfit. At that time, my legs were too weak to OHS 75# 10 times. Clearly, it’s been a long journey.

I joined 312 in May 2016 after researching basically every gym anywhere near the city. I even tried out some for a week or two. Pat let me try the gym out for 3 days and I knew this was the right gym for me.

How has being a member at 312 changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?
I was selective about the gyms I considered joining and that’s why I chose 312. After being a part of 5 gyms, I truly believe 312 does the best job at programming and providing everything I’ve needed to grow as an athlete (equipment, proper coaching, intense but fun atmosphere). This gym has pushed me to new boundaries of cardio abilities I didn’t think I would achieve at my previous gyms. Lifestyle change? Waking up at 5 AM and leaving by 5:18 to make the green line was a huge change.

Short term goals (gym and/or personal):  
-CF: snatch 225, CnJ anything heavier than 275
-Graduate PA school and get a job

Long term goals (gym and/or personal):  
-Look as well-dressed and slick as Dan Powell
-Figure out how to make my dog live forever
-Continue to grow a healthy marriage with Katie

What do you like most about being a member at 312?  
I love our new rig. The old one with those hooks…maybe almost died a few times re-racking a back squat. But really, I think the owners do a great job of getting new equipment when it’s needed. We have all the toys we need to have great workouts.

Everyone I met initially took me into the 312 family, especially Bergstrom. He’s like the poster child of this gym…which should probably be reconsidered as long as he has that caterpillar stash. The 6 AM crew goes harder than most 6 AM crews I’ve been a part of it. And by 6 AM crew I mean Mr. Moran. He just has a handful of phrases and quotes that Matt and I don’t understand, but they make us laugh nonetheless. Coming in from 6-7AM (usually 7:10 sorry J Streem) may be the best part of my day. I go off into another world where I forget any stress in my life.

I love that 312 does a question of the day. It’s such a simple way of getting to know everyone’s names and create an easy conversation with them. Sounds silly but no other gyms do it. Except, we don’t do it at 6 AM, which is probably why it took everyone at that class 4 months to say my name correctly.

Favorite and least favorite movements:  
Favorites: Toes to bar, Ring muscle ups, Box jumps
Least favorite: Running, Air-Dyne

Favorite and least favorite WODs:
Favorite: WODs that are dead on sprints of 100% (usually that take 4:30 or less)

Least favorite: Fran. I never cherry pick, but I will if Fran appears on the wod blog… Also, that WOD Mike Z programmed that was 20 secs ME Cals Airdyne followed by 2 mins rest, repeat for 6, rest 6, repeat 6 rounds again. I’ve never post wod pain felt pain like I did that day.

Favorite post-WOD meal: 
Phormula 1 Loop D Fruit with Ignition for a shake, then usually sweet potato hash with red+yellow
peppers, onions, zucchini, and bacon

Favorite movies:
Interstellar, The Dark Knight, IT, Django, Blade Runner 2049, Prometheus

Favorite book:
Honestly, I don’t really read that much. Unless its for school then I read everyday.

Favorite artist: 
Knuckle Puck, August Burns Red , Circa survive, Transit , Dave Matthews Band, Twenty-One Pilots, Turnover, ERRA, Dance Gavin Dance, Classixx

Favorite quote or words you live by?
“PURPLE!?” – Quinn

“Get your mind right” – old coach of mine. I feel like this quote applies to much more than just the gym setting.

The golden rule. So powerful but not actively used enough.

What are a few of your most notable achievements?
Married Katie this past spring. If you haven’t met her, you’re missing out.

Getting accepted into PA school at Rush. Honestly the hardest long term goal I’ve ever achieved.Next will be graduating and landing a job.

Playing drums at the Cardinals World Series Gala in 2011. Fly the L.

I’m passionate about:
Music. I spent a gross amount of free time finding new music and even more time listening to it.

My dog. 10x more athletic than me. Dude can run and catch a frisbee at 70 yards.

Telling people to get off their cell phones.

Public health. I really want to dive into obesity and personal health awareness once I graduate and become established.

Fun fact that we don’t know about you: 
I’m actually a lot better at playing the drum set than I am at Crossfit. I’ve played since I was 9, and I was a part of many groups prior to moving to Chicago.

I like public transit more than driving.