Jessica Balfour | CrossFit 312

Jessica Balfour

In an effort to prepare for her first Tough Mudder, Jessica joined CrossFit 312 in 2012. Suffering from severe asthma and having never tried weightlifting before, she was unsure of how long it would last. Within a couple of classes, she met a set of new friends (who also serve as some of CF 312’s longtime coaches) and fell in love with the workouts which she could scale as needed.

The CrossFit 101 program was a perfect fit for her and she was soon on her way to developing a variety of CrossFit skills. Over the last several years, Jessica admits she’s been able to push her body (and her lungs) to accomplish workouts and activities that she never thought possible. The biggest revelation came as she completed her first CrossFit Open, Rx’d — half the battle is mental.

CrossFit and the surrounding community became such an important part of Jessica’s life that on November 3, 2014, she became an owner of CrossFit 312 along with her husband, Stephen Hoesley.

“I’m beyond proud of the community that we have created at CrossFit 312. It’s an amazing place for anyone looking to increase their fitness level, whether they are new to the sport or an experienced CrossFitter.”