MaryKay Dreisilker

MaryKay grew up doing competitive gymnastics for over 13 years. She enjoyed the intense physical demands of the sport, but after her gymnastics career was over, she needed a new fitness regimen to stay in shape. She did the typical gym routine of lifting weights and cardio for a few years but was bored and felt unsatisfied by the monotony of it all. ┬áMaryKay’s parents got her a Groupon for Christmas one year to try out classes at a CrossFit down the street. It only took one class to figure out that CrossFit was everything she was missing from her workouts. It was fun, exciting, challenging and the amazing community made it all the better. She finally felt like a competitive athlete again and never looked back.

“As a personal trainer and Crossfit coach, I want everyone to feel strong, healthy, and capable to accomplish any fitness goals they have.”


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate